Langtang & Helambu - january 2017

Needing an escape from Kathmandu before the kayaking season kicked-off I headed up to the mountains for a trek along the Langtang and Helambu routes. This was my first real experience of Nepalese culture and the courage these people displayed in the still shocking aftermath of the 2015 earthquake was truly eye-opening. 


Whilst carrying water for up to 3 days at a time I trekked solo for 420km through Israel's Negev desert. Miles of dirt tracks were punctuated by lush oases, geoloically unique craters and beautiful multi-coloured rock formations.

Corsica GR20 trek - September 2016

Whilst on a caving expedition earlier in the year I managed to talk my good friend Emily into joining me on the GR20 in Corsica. "Europe's toughest long distance trail" promised us 180km of sharp granite peaks, picteresque rivers and dense pine forests. 11,000m of ascent, a broken tent and several stomach bugs later we had finished!

BoBotov Kuk, Montenegro - June 2016

A short 3 day trek with Leanne to take in Montenegro's highest mountain. Difficulty finding water and a 1:37,000 scale tourist map added to the challenges.


I was in Corsica for a white water kayaking trip but arrived a couple of days ahead of the main party and so decided to attempt a mountain near Corte (I'm not sure which it was!). The sunny trail soon gave way to snowy terrain and with very limited equipment (I'd flown out with only hand luggage) I decided to turn round after a cold bivvy.

KnoyDART, Scotland - May 2013

Three days with Lizzie trekking from Inverie to Glenfinnan, taking in several munroes along the way in truely Scottish weather!


FAGARAS RIDGE, ROMANIA - november 2012

Aided by friendly locals Lizzie and I summited Romania's second highest peak over a couple of days. When the weather closed in on the second day we were lucky to be rescued by a local dog...


DREMELSpitzE, austria - August 2012

Rolling off the back of the Dachstein caving expedition Ray and I decided to stay in Austria for another week for some hiking and canyoning. Good weather gave us a window for a short expedition to summit a local mountain.


colca canyon, peru - april 2012

After my bags were lost by the airlines we had to condense this three day hike into two. With thousands of steps and 30 degree heat, it was probably the hardest physical challenge both Lizzie and I had ever attempted.


Jatancuya National Park - july 2010

Tough solo trekking in Norway with a 30kg pack. Although the landscape was initially bleak it soon gave way to rocky waterfalls and lush pine forests.


Copeland Track, New Zealand - july 2008

Nick and I took a hike along a river to visit a remote geothermal pool. Sitting in this pool, surrounded by snowy mountains, as dusk fell was truly magical!


abel tasman path, new zealand, july 2008

This trek didn't go entirely to plan. Nick and I got to our intended finish point slightly early and decided to walk back along the track making for a very long day and a dodgy sea crossing!


Six Foot track, Australia - June 2008

A remote solo trek, a broken stove and very little food makes for an unhappy Neil. The trek finished near some show caves providing some excitement for the end!


Elan Valley, south wales - april 2007

My first ever expedition was a Duke of Edinburgh expedition in South Wales, kickstarting a big change in my life!