WUG Pot, austria - august 2016

Unknown to most a massive cave, the Hirlatz, carves its way through the bottom of the Dachstein mountain range. From the top of the mountains hundreds of potholes drill their way through the cold and inky darkness towards this master system. This year significant process was made in making a connection. If achieved this connection will result in one of the deepest caves in the world and bring over 30 years of caving exploration on this massif to a succesful culmination.


daren cilau, South Wales - June 2015

I met George, an experienced mountaineer, at an expedition planning weekend. Wanting to make a new friend and contact I offered to take him on a hard caving trip; let's just say not all went quite as planned!


Daren cilau, south wales - november 2014

Another trip back to Daren Cilau, and this time much faster and so further into the cave.


Dachstein, austria - august 2012

The Dachstein is an open and welcoming caving expedition (read: the oldies use the newbies to fund their exploring!) that a lot of uni students use as their first experience of cave exploration. Finally, at the end of a gap year after uni, I was able to free up a couple of weeks and join the exped for some truely misterable experiences.


Daren cilau, south wales - February 2011

In my final year of uni I took Kent's finest cavers on a record breaking trip: the slowest team ever to reach the Hard Rock Cafe camp in Daren Cilau

Daren cilau, south wales - July 2009

My first trip into Daren Cilau, guided by the wonderful Jinni King. To this day Iā€™m not sure what convinced me to go!